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AKB48 Group 亚洲姐妹团首次集结,2019亚洲盛典即将在曼谷举行

12月11日,AKS在曼谷宣布即将在2019年1月27日举行AKB48 Group亚洲盛典《AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in BANGKOK》。这是AKB48 Group成立以来,第一次集结亚洲所有团体举行盛典活动。


史上第一次,AKB48 Group亚洲所有团体集结


「AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in BANGKOK Presented by SHANDA GAMES」即将举行。



这次,AKB48 Group和粉丝们一起来到在当地享有超高人气,成为当地代表性偶像团体的BNK48的据点泰国齐聚一堂。这股只有AKB48 Group才能做到的新本土化偶像旋风,从亚洲出发并将席卷全世界。

不仅是这次,AKB48 Group的亚洲巡演也在计划中,敬请期待。



活动名称:『AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in BANGKOK Presented by SHANDA GAMES』


活动场馆:Impact Arena (Bangkok Thailand)

MPACT Arena Building Popular Rd, Tambon Ban Mai, Amphoe Pak Kret,

       Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand

活动嘉宾:AKB48 7个Group

        (AKB48 / JKT48 / BNK48 / MNL48 / TeamSH / TeamTP / SGO48)


演出内容:AKB48 Group 亚洲盛典分为第一和第二两部分构成。

◆第一部分【12点~16点】AKB48 Group各姐妹团击掌会以及各姐妹团的迷你演唱会;在现场还会有为观众打造AKB48造型的特别影棚,以及服装博物馆,亚洲各地美食区等,给参加盛典活动的观众带来愉快的享乐时间。

◆第二部分【19点~21点半】AKB48 Group史上初次梦幻的姐妹团演唱会终于实现。各姐妹团成员们将为现场观众带来一场期待已久的超豪华视觉盛宴。


主办单位:AKB48 Group亚洲节执行委员会(AKS / ZAAP / SHANDA GAMES)

冠名赞助:SHANDA GAMES (盛大游戏)


企划/运营:AKS / ZAAP / Osare Company etc





售票平台:EVENTPOP(Thailand )


开售时间:2018年12月11日15点 ※售完即止


               【第二部分】演唱会门票1,800฿ ~ 4,000฿


On December 11, AKS announced that AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 would be held on January 27, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. A first in AKB48 Group’s history of gathering all Asia sister groups at a time for a festival.


A first in history, all groups of AKB48 Group come together

Seven local AKB48 Asia sister groups come together for the extravagant stage for the first time in History,.


“AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in BANGKOK Presented by SHANDA GAMES” is coming.


The rapid growth of the Asian territories, has brought about the hope that Asian will be leading the music market in the future. In this Asian market, AKS has shown the world the unique Japanese idol culture with her flexible long-term global strategy.


With the initiative concept of “idols you can meet” and localized business, 48 idol groups are continuously expanding in Asian territories, and are gradually growing up with fans’ support and company.


This time, AKB48 Group and her fans all come to Thailand, the city that is the headquarter of the local iconic idol group, BNK48. The fever that only AKB48 Group can achieve, is now reaching out to the world through Asia.


Plans for a Group Asia Tour is also in the works. So, let’s not only pay attention to this coming event, but also look forward to our future plans.


Asia Festival Outline

Title:AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in BANGKOK Presented by SHANDA GAMES

Date:Jan 27th , 2019(SUN)

Venue:Impact Arena (Bangkok, Thailand)

MPACT Arena Building Popular Rd, Tambon Ban Mai, Amphoe Pak Kret,

       Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand

Performers:7 groups from AKB48

        (AKB48 / JKT48 / BNK48 / MNL48 / TeamSH / TeamTP / SGO48)

       ※Each team consists of about 10 members; announcements will be made when details are finalized

Event:AKB48 Group is divided into 2 parts.

◆Part 1【12:00~16:00】High-5 event with all the groups and members, mini performances by each group as the main event, dress-like-AKB booth, costume museum, Asian food corner and more; anyone and everyone can have a great time at the event


◆Part 2【19:00~21:30】AKB48 Group’s first in history – a joint concert is finally happening! Groups and members come together for an extravagant stage.

Capacity:An estimated total of 20,000~30,000 pax through 2 parts

Host by:AKB48 Group Asia Festival Committee(AKS / ZAAP / SHANDA GAMES)

Title Sponsor:SHANDA GAMES (盛大游戏)


Planning/Operation:AKS / ZAAP / Osare Company etc

Broadcast/Streaming:AIS(domestic streaming in Thailand)




Ticketing Agent:EVENTPOP(Thailand)


Ticket Sales:Starting from December 11, 2018 15:00 ※Sold out once stocks run out

Ticket Types:【Part 1】Eligible to enter with purchase of 【Part 2】or【Part 1 & Part 2】’s ticket

                     【Part 2】Concert Pass 1,800฿ ~ 4,000฿

                     【Part 1 & Part 2】Enjoy Pass 1000฿(≥10pcs/set)

AKB48 Team SH